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2006-04-10 sven

 bugfix for #162

2006-04-11 sven

 conference page cleanup
 separation of person page
 separated event page
 added persons tab to conference page
 person list on conference page is linked now
 bugfix for person list on conference page
 updated javascript files
 bugfix for event titles and names showing up as headline of pages
 tags are no longer allowed to have - but _

2006-04-14 sven

 putting event title and speaker name back in content_title
 always conference subtitle in content div
 bugfix for view_schedule_event_person
 show speaker name in title instead of event title on speaker page

2006-04-21 sven

 xhtml bugfixes for pentabarf main template

2006-04-29 sven

 added xml controller
 added xml export of schedule
 added link to xml schedule

2006-04-30 sven

 added links to submission and visitor system if they are enabled
 changed order in create account to first send an email and then create the entry in the database
 added table account_password_reset
 fixed a bug in the conflict functions
 added stored procedure to reset password
 separated account functions from functions.sql
 bugfix for stored procedure to reset password
 sending mail with link to reset password works now

2006-05-02 sven

 added day_change and timeslot_duration to xml schedule export
 added user controller

2006-05-05 sven

 moving forgot_password to user controller
 moved reset_link_sent and reset_password to user controller
 moving further account stuff to user controller
 removed all account functions from submission controller
 removing account functions from visitor controller
 added layout and sidebar for user controller

2006-05-07 sven

 adding function to reset password

2006-05-08 sven

 schedule is fully localized now
 updated initial data
 feedback system is fully localized now
 updating localization
 updating initial data
 put space between day and number on index page of html export

2006-05-09 sven

 added class for accessing account_reset_password
 added reset_password
 added tfoot to schedule tables

2006-05-10 sven

 implements #167: include conference logo in html export
 added schedule.xml to html export
 added link to xml export of schedule
 added field homepage to table conference
 added link to overview of all days to index page of html export
 added field to modify homepage of conference
 bugfix for days link of html export
 bugfix for broken find event
 event list of conference page contains images now
 updated javascript files

2006-05-11 sven

 renamed account_password_reset to activation_string_reset_password

2006-05-12 sven

 bugfix for tables.rb
 bugfix for view_schedule and for view_schedule_speaker

2006-05-13 sven

 moved hidden flag to schedule
 added end to xml schedule export
 hidden flag is on for new events
 moved public links from links page to description page

2006-05-15 sven

 updating initial data
 added conflict functions for checking length and description of events
 added abstract_length and description_length to table conference
 added conflict for checking length of abstract and description of persons
 updated intial data
 changed person abstract conflict to only include speaker and moderator
 changed person description conflict to only include speaker and moderator
 added fields to modify abstract length and description length of conference
 moved submission enabling and visitor enabling to export tab of conference page
 bugfix for person abstract and person description length conflict
 html-export properly handles builder templates now
 replaced erb template for day with builder template

2006-05-16 sven

 replaced schedule layout with builder template
 replacing erb sidebar template with builder template
 bugfix for day template
 replacing days template with a builder template
 replace index.rhtml with a builder template
 replaced event erb template with builder template
 replaced events erb template with builder template
 replaced speaker erb template with builder template
 replaced speakers erb template with builder template
 added fix for builder to properly escape attributes
 bugfix for abstract and description length
 bugfix for #172: speaker list does not include all speakers
 bugfix for #173 HTML export does not generate pages for all speakers

2006-05-17 sven

 added footer row to conflict admin page
 implemented #169: conflict for acceptend and confirmed events without timeslot and
 unconfirmed event without timeslot

2006-05-17 astro

 Dirty XSL:FO stuff

2006-05-17 sven

 updating initial data

2006-05-18 sven

 changed sidebar links of submission and visitor system to point to the new user controller
 moved transparent_authorize into application controller
 changed by column of recent pages links to changer
 moved xslfo to root of trunk
 moved xslfo to root of trunk

2006-05-22 sven

 fixed bug in name of class
 layout of xcal file is a builder template now
 index page of user controller shows conferences with enabled submission controller
 fixed a typo in the sidebar
 copied modification buttons to user controller
 added class method for select
 bugfix for class account_reset_password
 preferences of user controller now functional
 bugfix for saving preferences in user controller
 bugfix for reset password
 removed speaker and visitor role
 setting version to 0.2.3
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