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2006-09-28 sven

 updating data

2006-10-02 sven

 jabber notification uses daemons now
 bigfix in config template

2006-10-15 sven

 patch by yaloki to enable room size display

2006-10-27 sven

 moving trunk to branches/0.2

2006-10-30 sven

 added need_accommodation-flag to person travel

2006-11-05 sven

 added missing table event_attachment to merge_person

2006-11-12 sven

 bugfix for pentacards script

2006-11-13 sven

 added upgrade script for 0.2.9

2006-11-17 sven

 redirect to submission controller if user does not have pentabarf_login permission
 bugfix for missing rollback when transactions fail
 backporting missing exception handling in transactions to 0.2.8
 adding missing image
 applying html conformity patch by Ganneff
 search jabber config files in absolute path

2006-11-22 sven

 added are you sure question in front of remove event

2006-11-23 sven

 fix for gender in advanced person search

2006-11-24 sven

 moving account functions into separate files

2006-11-25 sven

 separated functions.sql
 more sql function cleanup
 fallback to application/octet-stream if mimetype is not known
 put every view in separate file

2006-11-26 sven

 fallback to application/octet-stream if mimetype is unknown in submission controller

2006-11-28 sven

 bugfix for new event in submission interface
 bugfix for rating of persons and events when nothing else has been modified

2006-12-06 sven

 added date to schedule html export
 adding dates to index page of html schedule export

2006-12-07 sven

 renaming add_ui_tag to save_ui_tag in admin_controller
 renaming create_account to save_account in user_controller
 only allow post to methods starting with delete or save
 renaming remove_event to delete_event
 making link to delete_event a form

2006-12-08 sven

 applying conference email patch by Ganneff
 fix tab

2006-12-14 sven

 added optional from parameter to all notifier functions
 escape comma in description and summary of ical files

2006-12-15 sven

 making localization of committee upercase, adding localization for conference email
 adding column conference_id to table account_activation
 create_account stores conference_id now
 activate_account returns conference_id now
 account creation may happen under a specific conference now
 after activation the user is redirected to the submission system of the conference he created an account for

2006-12-16 sven

 adding ON UPDATE CASCADE ant ON DELETE CASCADE to all foreign key relations
 bugfix for create account function which did not work when no conference was set
 bugfix for account activation without conference
 updated submission steps

2006-12-16 astro

 DS-Guide verschoben
 Neu: congress schedule

2006-12-18 sven

 fix ical export to correctly split utf-8 strings
 link fix for ical files
 adding release version to schedule xml

2006-12-21 sven

 Momomoto reconnects to database on fatal database errors

2006-12-22 sven

 bugfix for html export
 make tag, title and subtitle of event type text
 make acronym, title, subtitle, venue and city of conference type text
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