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Pentabarf is a conference planning software written in Ruby ( using the Rails framework) and PL/pgSQL.

Pentabarf supports you in the submission collection, content planning, schedule creation, feedback collection and has various exports to put these data to use in other systems.

The lead developer of Pentabarf is Sven Klemm.


Pentabarf was originally developed for the content planning of the 21C3. The first prototype has been written in PHP. You can find it under tags/0.1.1 in the repository but keep in mind that it's no longer maintained / supported.

The 0.2 version of Pentabarf is a complete rewrite of the 0.1 branch in Ruby using the Rails framework.

Pentabarf 0.3 is a major code cleanup/rewrite of the 0.2 branch.

Pentabarf 0.4 is a major code cleanup of the 0.3 branch. The most important new feature in 0.4 is per conference permissions.

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